Just another manic monday

The big plan today was to take Connie to my gym and go to Walmart. We got off to a much later start than I had hoped, so we missed the class I wanted to take. It turned out to be good thing, since the Taurus started acting very odd on the way there. After consulting Kevin, we drove it home, and traded for the Tracer, which is a beater of a car, complete with dented up panels and missing door handles. Finally we made it there, and Brielle did well in the nursery. Connie was having so much fun that I left her there (with her permission :-))and went to the store by myself. Brielle contentedly rode around in the wrap, never making a peep. Going to the store sometimes wears me out, because there are a million little decisions to make: Do I get the store brand or this name brand or that name brand? Where is the cheddar cheese soup? What’s cheaper? Is this price worth it for a toy? Should I get groceries first or health care? Do we need new toothbrushes? I try to be prepared with a list and everything, but it still seems to take forever and I always spend more than I planned, am more tired than I think I should be, and come home with something I don’t need while forgetting something I needed.

Then the three of us headed home for lunch, after which Connie and Joyce brought over The Devil Wears Prada. I enjoyed the movie, although I was aghast at how Mean and Vicious these people are. It didn’t seem like one person in that show was actually happy. Something Big was missing from each of their lives. They try to fill it with $1000 shoes and bags, but it doesn’t work. I can. not. imagine. living like that. I shop mostly at second hand and discount stores, and in that movie, they were slamming Casual Corner, which is out of my price range, even on clearance! Plus, I don’t like the pressure to live up to someone else’s standard. Living up to my own is difficult enough. AND the girl was a size 6 and they called her the smart, fat girl. As if! A size 6 is my fantasy size!

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