Jessica wants..

… to do 12 things. At least.
…a clean fresh start. not really- I like where I am.
…an MRI. Ummmm… nope.
…more kids. Yeah. Probably. Maybe. I don’t really know.
… a loving family. DEFINITELY!
…to have her cake and eat it too. Doesn’t everyone?
…to have an acting career. I like the mama track just fine, thanks.
…to do something with her two best friends. Well, now that sounds good, but I don’t really know who my two best friends are. become a writer during her leisure time. Not that I have leisure time per se, but this does sound appealing. Someday.
…to go to Australia. and Spain. and Germany. and France. and Hawaii. and Ecuador. and Panama. and…basically, most of Europe, South America, and North America… I love to travel!

I googled “Jessica wants” and chose 10 of what came up. I skipped most of the ones concerning the Jessica Simpson debacle.

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