It’s Real Life

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Here is the It’s Real Life badge. Copy the code which will put it on your post. The badge will appear on your page and will link back here to the fest.

Directions for playing are in the post below this one. I hope you can play this week, because I sorely need to see other people’s kitchens to get some ideas on how to make mine better!

This week’s theme is STORE IT: KITCHEN

I never noticed what a mess this all was until I took pictures for this post. This is the shelf above my ‘desk’ which, since it’s right by the back door, is really a catch all. My cookbooks are here. I also have my cake plate there in the upper left, and my trifle bowl is behind that photo of my girls and my nieces and nephew. An area badly in need of a reordering.
I don’t even know what’s up here. Kevin is tall. I am not. That’s us btw, when we were dating.

This is where the pizza pizzazz would go, if it weren’t out on the counter. Also my food processor. Lunch bags. Bigger tupperware & salad bowls & trays go here too. Also cookie cutters. A space that isn’t well used.
This is the cabinet where the crockpot would go if it were not out on the counter. This is across from the washer & dryer, which explains the hangers.
Compost in the ice cream bucket-metal recyclables in the yellow bucket. Rags and some cleaning supplies go here. Also used batteries.
This is a high cupboard for the rest of the cleaning supplies.
My”good dishes”Pfaltzgraff goes here, along with assorted miscellany, like dishes for picnics. This is above the dryer.
This hutch has been taken over by preschool and library books. I still do have some ‘china’ on the top shelf though, but what I really need is to not have glass doors!
Even though these spices look organized, I still have to spin the thing for ten minutes to find what I want.
I don’t think this cabinet is very well used. I keep the toaster and mixer here, the griddle, and some assorted baggies ect.
Plastic ware drawer

Can someone please come over and reorganize me? I’ll pay you with cookies and homemade peanut butter cups. Thanks.

15 thoughts on “It’s Real Life

  1. this is great, jessica. wish i could join in this week…but don’t have time this time around…maybe next time! i love participating in it’s real life! thanks for hosting!

  2. oh, you are going to want me to come over and help you out! I am an organization FREAK! Really a freak! I hate anyone going into the cupboards and messing things up! I would surely take those homemade PB cups!!

  3. I sort of stumbled over here from t&t's blog. I saw you had compost/recycling on the list, so I thought I would add the post I did about our new composter I posted just last night. Hope I'm not breaking the rules with no kitchen photos! If I am, you can just delete me from the linky.

  4. I have been watching this for awhile & this topic made me laugh so hard (I am So not organized!) that I had to play along.

    Thanks for the fun! It was great.

  5. I just started a compost, too…I think it’s easier to start in the winter, you don’t have crazy flies! We’ve got a plastic container with lid right next to the sink and trash!

  6. If I lived near by- I’d be there. I LOVVVEEEE to organize. 🙂 Nothing much to organize here. We left mostly everything “behind” (in the trash) due to the mold infestation. I am not buying anything here- because 1 -lack of storage and 2- I want everything to be perfect for our new house. I’ll build back up slowly (and with love) when we finally get our new house. 🙂

  7. I have no idea what a hollaback girl is. Finetune was not playing my list when you visited. Mine is full of Christian/Country. I think I will have to go back to playlist to get to hear my actual list instead of ZZTop or Gwen Stefani like earlier today.

    I loved the kitchen idea! I can’t wait to hear(read) what the next one will be.
    My husband thought I was crazy when he looked in my photo folders and saw all the photos of my drawers. He just don’t get it sometimes.

  8. i wish i lived closer i’d have a ball sorting you out! Tried to post your link pic on my webpage but it wouldn’t work. Hope you find some inspiration in my cupboards!

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