It’s Real Life Fest

So are you ready for It’s Real Life on Thursday?

Here’s what you do:
To participate you simply to take pictures at any given time of some things around your house. The catch is you can’t primp, prink or otherwise prepare the area to make it seem better than it is.

Now I know some of you wouldn’t have to do that anyway–but that is why it’s called “It’s Real Life.”

Here’s your list:

  • curb appeal (yep, a picture of your home from the outside)
  • junk drawer
  • from whence you blog
  • favorite jewelry
  • your best feature
  • (Now, no whining or complaining about ‘your best feature’–I know you all have more than one. I was so saddened that so many of you made derogatory remarks about your looks for the self portrait. Shame shame. You are all beautiful. Honest.)

I’ll have the badge code and Mr Linky all ready to go on Thursday! Can’t wait to come visit you again!

18 thoughts on “It’s Real Life Fest

  1. Oh.. this is hard Jessica! I really like a couple of the names you had on your poll and I tried to vote but the page malfunctioned.

    Here are my favs:


    BTW, loved all of the pictures of the girlies! They are SO cute!

    One suggestion regarding getting the marker off your child & p.c., I know this works with pen ink, so give it a try. Rubbing alcohol, applied to the stain or ink removes it and is painfree and doesn’t smell. I’ve used it on sheets that got ink on them, and it worked really well.

    Take care,

  2. I think you need to catch us a little more off guard with this. Now that I know it’s coming I’ve been keeping on top of things in my house. Well, never the junk drawer. That drawer will forever be a wonder if why oh why did I keep this?

  3. Clarification needed…does “curb appeal” mean a photo of your house? I just took the photos…and for an added touch they’re all black and white, that makes them look better!

  4. Sounds like fun! I’ll play along as well!

    Thanks for the compliments on my kids names!

    I’ll have to stop in again tonight to check out your blog a little more so that I can get to “know” you better! Looks like you’re getting ready to have another baby? YAY! I LOVE new babies, and am so enjoying my little guy!

    Ok, well, gotta make some lunch for Miss Muffet!

  5. This is fun! Even though we live in a small apartment and even though my junk drawer is quite a JUNK drawer, I’ll still play 🙂
    Great idea.

  6. i just started blogging not long ago and loving it and found yours and been reading it and you have a nice blog. i have 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy. and have been married to a wonderful man.

    come by my blog sometimes. and by the way im in on thursday.

  7. Ooh, I have some ideas for future It’s Real Life! But I’m sure you’ve got an entire list as well and are just dividing it up! LOL!!!

    You have to do “dining table” because you know how some love to pile stuff on theirs, right?! LOL!

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