It’s Real Life assignment! child’s eyes

Thursday! the 19th
Theme: Through A Child’s Eyes

Give your child your camera and see what they go around taking pictures of. The only catch is–no primping, prepping, picking up or otherwise making your house or self look better than it looks at that moment.

Commentary to go along with the photos always welcome.

You can play along even if you’re not a mama! If you don’t have a child you can borrow one, or get down at a three foot level and see what catches your eye.

Post however many pictures you want at your blog, and then come here Thursday, 19 March to link up and show us your Real Life Through A Child’s Eyes.

Hope you can play!

9 thoughts on “It’s Real Life assignment! child’s eyes

  1. I was just going through old posts the other day & I realized how much I miss It's Real Life! This one is hard, though! I don't know where I can borrow a kid & I don't know if I'm creative enough to do it myself on 3 feet level.. hmm!

  2. Last year I loaded my pics on the camera and I found a bunch of pics my then 4 yr old had taken. One of the bathroom door, floor, sink, part of the toilet…and then what was IN the toilet!! Apparently she was VERY proud of it too. lol!!

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