It’s Real Life Fest

Here’s your list:

  • Your Fridge
  • A closet
  • Kitchen sink
  • Toilet
  • Favorite shoes
  • Favorite room in your house
  • What your kids are doing right now
  • Laundry
  • Self portrait

Narration is welcome! Remember, take the pictures of what it looks like right now with no prep (and don’t be cheating either!) and come link here tomorrow! I can’t wait.

Here’s an example from the Meme over at Marfa’s from which I got this idea. I did change it up (the specific items) a little…

11 thoughts on “It’s Real Life Fest

  1. I hope you see this Kelly–I couldn’t access your profile for some reason. Sorry I didn’t explain it better!

    You post the photos on your blog as a regular post, then publish it. Click on the title of your post, copy the address that appears in your tool bar, then come back here. I’ll have a tool called Mr. Linky at the end of my post for you to paste your address. Then everyone will click on your name and be able to see your post. Does that make sense?

    If you need more help, email me at

  2. I am super excited about this and already took my photos… but my hubby and I decided to seize the day and take the kids camping tonight… so I don’t know that I am going to be able to get my link up… any thoughts? I am going to try to get the post up before I leave, should I e-mail you a link if I get it up and you don’t have Mr Linky up yet?

  3. I know I’m a bit late..but I’m joining anyways! Loved looking at everyones posts…hope you enjoy mine! Thanks so much for inviting us to join in.
    I was at a bit of an advantage as it was late when I found your blog, and I had already straightened up for the night…next weeks may different!! lol.

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