It’s Real Life Assignment

We’re on for Thursday!! Tell your friends. This week’s theme is Store It:Kitchen

I am probably going to do several of these storage/organization ones, because I am learning so much from you guys. I now keep my dining room table leaves under my bed because that was such a great idea.

Here’s what you do:
To participate you simply to take pictures at any given time of some things around your house. The catch is you can’t primp, prink or otherwise prepare the area to make it seem better than it is. Good or bad, or somewhere in between, I want to see how/where you store/organize some things from your kitchen. Here are some suggestions to get you started, but feel free to add your own or do only a few of these:

*plastic storage ware
*picnic supplies
*big gadgets like the mixer, George Foreman, Pizza Pizzazz, toaster ect.
*top of your refrigerator
*cleaning supplies
*”good” dishes
*little used items like big trays, trifle bowls, cake stands

Hmm…already I see I am up to ten things. We’ll have to do my other ideas next week.

Get crackin’ girls! Let’s see those pictures. You’ll come here to link up on Thursday.

7 thoughts on “It’s Real Life Assignment

  1. NO FAIR!!! I'm without my camera this week and I just had this feeling in the back of my mind that you would pull out It's Real Life this week! I'm so bummed. I will link up next week when my camera arrives back home safe & sound.

  2. whoa, whoa, is this TOMORROW?! how did i miss this?? and hey! i keep the leaves for my table under my bed too! maybe it’s not for everyone, but our master bedroom is right off the dining room…so hellooo simple!


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