It’s Real Life Assignment

All right ladies–Week three of It’s Real Life was inspired by several of you–some of you to your credit already showed off some of the goods, and some of you said we couldn’t pay you enough to show it.

This week’s assignment is Where the Magic Happens -That’s right, your bedroom.

I’ll leave the implementation up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Under the bed
  • What’s in and on your dresser
  • What’s on your night table
  • The pictures/decorations
  • What you love about it
  • What you hate about it
  • What makes it uniquely you
  • What you sleep in (let’s keep it G ;-))

Let’s see what is behind that usually closed door on Thursday! Remember, no staging the area–we want to see Real Life, dust bunnies and all!

18 thoughts on “It’s Real Life Assignment


    I am really scared of this Real Life.

    Just picture the aftermath of a tornado.

    That’s what my bedroom looks like right now.


  2. Sorry, but there is absolutely no way that anyone is going to see what my bedroom looks like right now! I know that it’s supposed to be real life, but that’s just a little TOO real for me at the moment. If I have a sec to make it at least presentable- not clean mind you, but presentable between now and then, I might consider it.

  3. THIS IS SO AWESOME! I love how unique and cool this one is. I cannot wait to see everyone’s dirty laundry (pun intended).

  4. Not too much of a “problem” for me–but don’t think I can post a pic of my “sleepwear”–my mom and dad read from time to time–EEK!!
    Must go snap some…see you Thursday.

  5. Oooooo! I’m so excited! What fun this will be! And just last night I was looked up at a picture hanging on our wall and thought…there’s a pic I wouldn’t mind showing on It’s Real Life! Too funny! See you on Thursday…
    Do we have to wait that long?

  6. Oh boy. That’s interesting. Yikes! (chewing my fingernails) Hmmm, how can I do this??? Will I do this??? You’ll have to find out on Thursday!! 😉

  7. I just threw up in my mouth- but I’m over it. Never mind dust bunnies- I don’t think they could see the light of day under my bed- it’s jammed. Got to get shooting…

  8. OMG! I just found your blog from Life with the Hewitt family, and I love it!! I am also from Iowa! I lived there for most of my life. In Altoona near Des Moines…….where do you live? I was just there during the floods….it was terrible!
    Anyways, nice to meet you! I will check back again….and I am going to do the “where the magic is” post in the morning!! Great idea btw!!

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