It’s Real Life

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I hope. Never having done this before, I used free tutorials at nearly two in the morning… That may not have been a good idea…

So on with the show–My Real Life

My fridge: I know the kitchen is supposed to look so much tidier without a bunch of magnets and whatnot on the refrigerator, but I just can’t seem to help it. We’ve got the girl’s toy magnets, alphabet magnets, the practice clock, our family magnets , our list of names for Baby C, the log for the summer reading program, a picture of K and me when we were dating, my check for one year’s salary as a mom he wrote me, the camera I want, some comics…The inside’s not too bad. I’m spoiled because I have a deep freeze in the basement and a second fridge on the front porch so I can buy in bulk and not have to worry about space.
Kevin and my closet: His laundry. Would you believe this house had no closets on the first floor until the 1960’s? This one Kevin’s grandparents put in as a present for his parents while they were on their honeymoon. It still has 100 year old wall paper high up, and it has a little cubbie door under the stairs for stowaways. Just kidding about the stowaways.
The kitchen sink: I don’t “do” Flylady, but her tip of “shine your sink” resonated with me, so I try to do that once a day.

The toilet: This house had no indoor bathroom until the 1950’s, so that door you see? It goes upstairs. It used to go into the kitchen, but now it’s in the bathroom. So when I have guests over for the first time, if I invite them to go upstairs (we have our TV up there), and then walk into the bathroom expecting them to follow, they get a little weirded out. Hmmm… Don’t enlarge this photo. We have rust in our water, plus I’ve only cleaned the toilet once since the cleaning lady quit.
My favorite shoes: Flip flops. I prefer to be barefoot actually, but these are the next best thing. This Target find has sparklys on them for dressier occasions. 🙂
My favorite room: My craft room. I scrap and make cards up here. I make hair bows. I read. I sew (kind of) The storage units you see were made by high schoolers in their woodworking class; several of us teachers commissioned them for only the price of materials! As you can see, I create here. I don’t clean. Really, I do clean, but only once the counter is too cluttered to do anymore.

My view from my favorite room. I love this south window. Even on the cloudiest day the natural light is the best in the house.
What my kids are doing right now: You can see Brielle and Aviana were both ‘helping’ me take pictures, but when I actually uploaded and worked on this post it was quiet time. Yes, Brielle is asleep, but does that freakish thing where her eyes are half open. It creeps me out too.
Do you like how she is “in” her room?
My laundry pile: My washer and dryer are right off the kitchen, next to the dishwasher if you are trying to get perspective. It’s convenient. The step stool is there too because if we don’t put it out of reach, Little Miss B will get into trouble. Which she manages without the aid of a step stool come to think of it.
Self portrait: I wanted it to be of my face, but also of Baby C. I like how this turned out.

So that’s my real life! At least for now… I hope we’ll do more of these to come!

I’m so looking forward to seeing yours–makes my voyeuristic little heart go pitter-pat!

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57 thoughts on “It’s Real Life

  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved seeing your home…especially your craft area! Looks like you’ve got something NEW from Stampin’ Up. Oh, those organization boxes are awesome…wish I knew some high schoolers who could make some at cost! You look GREAT…your belly is getting so big!

  2. i love it! love the craft room, and you’re looking like one hot mama!


    ps- i loved this idea- but i just didn’t get it done this week! i really want you to do it again!

  3. OOOPS! I linked before I was ready! Are you able to take my name off Mr. Linky, by any chance?

    I will link again when I am done! Sorry!! 🙂

  4. Great pictures!!! I love your fridge, I did the inside of mine and not the outside, lol. I’m envious of your craft room – I could do some damage in there . . . mine is our laundry room! Great idea, I loved participating!

  5. LOL! “This Target find has sparklys on them for dressier occasions” that is SOOOO funny~ I HAVE THEM TOO!!!!!!! This is so fun, thank you for including me 🙂
    I am going to start my in a little bit.

  6. So I had every intention of joining this fun idea, but since I am new to blogging I just couldn’t make the pictures do what I wanted! Ugh! I will keep practicing and will be ready for next time! 🙂

  7. Ahhh, another SU addict! I was actually a demonstrator for over 3 years and finally decided it was time to move on because I wasn’t making enough to really make it worth my while to be away from MH and Hubs. Plus the prep time, party time (I did all hands-on), anyhoo, I digress. Thanks for the tour! You and your house look fantastic!

    I can’t participate this time, unfortunately, because I am in bed with more back pain than usual and can barely get up. But I might steal the idea when I feel better and do it as my own post, or wait till you do it again!

  8. i so wish i could participate! but since i can claim no rights to the houses i “live in” I would dare not show them on the internet 🙂 If it was my own, I would totally do it!

    Anyways, i have a question for you. It may seem simple/silly, but I can’t figure out how to add the code like you did for your badge at the top. Would you email me if you get a chance and let me know how you did that? it’s aboynamedbarry [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

  9. Alright….I really want to do this….but it’s either do this OR finish my front door painting project while it’s still nice out. Not that I don’t love you, but I’ve got to do the door!!! Please, please do some fun little diddy like this again soon!!! I promise to join in then. AND I’m going to at least gab about you on my post today. It’s the least I can do!

  10. I don’t know if I can do this sans prep…. my mother always said you have to clean for the cleaning lady…and I am intimidated by the photos from all your CLEAN Houses!! What I wouldn’t give to be close to where you all are today. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, I can’t promise completely undoctored photos, but I will attempt at reality as much as possible. Amie

  11. I am SO jealous of your craft room, I just get a corner in our den! And the flip flops are my shoe of choice as well. I think I have the same “dressy” pair! ; )

    Thanks for the tour. I came over from McMommy’s place but didn’t have enough time to get a post together. darn.

    Love your self portrait too!

  12. Your post came out great- i love the sparkles for dressier occassions. The view out your window is gorgeous!! And I love how you did your self-portrait- so creative!!!!

  13. Just came over from Barefoot in the country, and I like it here!

    I must ask, where on the internet did you find badge tutorials?? I have looked and looked….

  14. Lol. I like the info about the fridge. I keep a calendar on mine, in an attempt to stay organized. It doesn’t work.

    The inside of my fridge is always a mess, but I’m very pleased, today: I finally found the container of several-week-old homemade soup that was right at the back. I’d been trying to track down the horrible smell for days!

  15. This was so much fun. I took all the pictures before work and then it took me all afternoon to get it all posted.
    Oh, and the empty shelves in my frige are because that’s where the vegetables go. In the closet, that’s where the clean towels would be if we had any, hehe.

  16. Fun idea! I really enjoyed doing this and I definitely looked at my house a bit differently! Loved seeing your home and what a cool self-portrait with the use of the mirror! Very creative.

  17. Well I finally finished. Better late than never. Am I late if I got in before 12am?

    Now was that lip gloss and make really real life *wink* You look great girly. You couldn’t have paid me to take a picture when I was pregnant with either, I was a swollen mess!

  18. Oh it was a hit! I’m so glad. It is fun to see everyones real life! I think you managed the whole thing well to-very easy to understand. Love the pictures you posted-and you are so pretty! Now I can see where the girls get it from.

  19. I love your funky house! It reminds me of some of the old converted farm houses I’d go in when I went to school in Iowa. Strange doors that led to strange places, lol.

    I have the same flip flops. They are awesome. Both casual and dressy at the same time.

    Thanks for throwing this party! It was really fun to do!

  20. I just wanted to thank you for hosting this. It was fun. My husband thought I was nuts running around this morning taking these pictures. But he said as long as he wasn’t in any of them he didn’t care, and he wasn’t. I haven’t looked at everyone’s yet, but I just wanted to point out that the majority of us pointed out what we view as our faults in our self portrait and really we all look like beautiful busy moms. I think it was easier to show the faults in our own homes than it was to show our own faces. Who knew? I should probably mention the kids and hubby all thought I was nuts this morning and kept asking what I was up to ;).

  21. I loved your pics! I actually saw them yesterday and wanted to comment but my computer was being sluggish, or maybe it was Blogger! ;O)

    Your craft room is too awesome! Wow, I’d LOVE that cabinet! This was way fun, thanks for thinking it up, and I’ve got my post up, though I couldn’t get the cool badge to work, my bad!

    Sorry I’m participating late, this has been one of those weeks: the hurrier I go, the behinder I get…

  22. Sorry I didn’t play. Once I looked around my house I realized how embarrassing it would be to have everyone see how messy it is!

    I love your self portrait. Don’t you just love being pregnant?

  23. I love the idea here and posted a few pics of my own. I found your site from Mary ( and have enjoyed getting a glimpse into other homes.
    Love your site! 🙂

  24. I’m a little late but boy was this fun! I loved seeing your pics so much that I had to play along. My real life is posted. When are we playing this again… 🙂

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