It’s not what you think it is

Any guesses as to what my Sweet Baby B has been into now? I’ll even have a prize for the correct guess. If there is more than one correct guess, I’ll have her pull your name out of a hat. I’ll give you until I go to bed on Saturday to make your supposition.

You know, you can comment even if you don’t have a blog. Plus, I don’t have that annoying word verification thingie. I seem to never get that right on the first try. Slows me down.

Comment. Guess. Win.

15 thoughts on “It’s not what you think it is

  1. Well, seeing how only one bite has been taken, and not the whole thing … I’m going to guess baking chocolate.

    And I want a brownie, too. But my chickens are being hateful and not laying eggs. So I’m a little nix on the baking right now. Maybe I’ll splurge and go to the bakery in town tomorrow, and get a donut the size of my middle child. Mmmmm …


  2. Fudge! Except that’s too obvious! I was thinking a brownie as well.

    Btw, last time I was here I forgot to tell you I loved your new header! Such a great line!

    And THANK YOU for being like the only blogger blog that doesn’t make me jump through a zillion hoops to comment! That was what sold me on WordPress, to be honest! 😉

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