It’s not what you think it is WINNER!

So the gross thing that Brielle ate not one, but three bites of? A beef bouillon cube!
That is so like her. She is a ‘tester’ through and through. She needs to be told “no” for the same thing over and over. She needs to see for herself what will happen if she pushes the sugar out of the bowl. Again. And again. She needs to feel for herself what the toilet water and the dryer lint feel like. She needs to taste for herself–three times apparently–what a bouillon cube tastes like.

The need is so driving, she will sneak out on the porch unbeknownst to me where the cubes are hidden in a box, unwrap one and do her little taste test without my knowing about it, until I find the remains the next time I go out on the porch.

(side story of why I have bouillon on the porch–My grandma had to move out of her condo and in with my aunt. She cleaned out her cabinets and gave my sister and me a huge box of baking goods like spices, baking chocolate, pasta ect. I sorted through it and the box was waiting on the porch to be taken over to Leah’s.)
The contestants are:
Crystal and Kelly both guessed right, and Andie alerted me to the fact that in my pregnancy induced ditziness (because I’ve NEVER been ditzy otherwise) I labeled the photo as “beef bouillon” and if you enlarge it, you can see the title of the photo.

I do what I can to make things easy for you here at Farm Fresh.

I so had a good laugh at myself!

Brielle has just woken up from her nap and DOES NOT want to play Mama’s silly little game.
‘Ok, fine. I’ll choose one.’
Crystal, here’s what you win: five handmade cards. Hope you like them!

4 thoughts on “It’s not what you think it is WINNER!

  1. I find it hysterical that the answer was right in front our eyes! I didn’t even notice it so I guess I can join you in the ditizness circle….

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