It’s a matter of perspective

At dinner tonight, Gigi asked Aviana what we did today.

I expected her to talk about the fun we had at the museum playing with old fashioned kitchen, washing clothes with a washboard and tub like Laura Ingalls or seeing the catfish at the aquarium, or all the stuffed animals, such as the bats, possum and snakes in the nocturnal exhibit, or the lion complete with sound effects posed with a warthog, meerkat and kudu in the African mammal display. Or maybe she would talk about the games we played with our friends we met up with there, or the picnic lunch (Lunchables and pizza–always a special treat) we had at the park and the multiple trips down the curly slide, or practicing pumping on the swings. Or possibly she was going to mention the fact I thought I left my glasses at the museum and when we went back we saw seven school buses lined up to get their children from their field trip. Or perhaps she would have talked about going outside to play in the playhouse and on our swings after quiet time, and marking the barely-out-of-the-ground peonies off with flags so Grandpa, who was mowing, would see them and wouldn’t run them over.

“Tell Gigi what we did today,” I prompt, aglow in my sense of accomplishment of all of the fun and education I provided my children this day.

“We dot to doe out and det the waundwee (off the clothesline) bawre-foot!”

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