It was bound to happen

Three weeks into changing boy diapers and he hasn’t once squirted during the diaper change. However, when he did make a long fluid arc, I had a diaper in hand. My reflex unfortunately, was to hold the diaper up and out of harm’s way and let him pee all over the carpet.

Maybe I was thinking I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good diaper. Or maybe I just wasn’t thinking.

16 thoughts on “It was bound to happen

  1. Hi Jessica,You have been christened!! I saw the cutest thing in a gift shop. It is called a “PeePee TeePee”. It is simply a little triangle that has a little padding sewn in leaving the bottom of the triangle open to slip over the little water spout. I don’t know just how much it would absorb but at least it would help keep it in one place! I have been thinking about making some for my nephew and wife who are wxpecting a boy in November. Cadrian is a beautiful healthy looking little boy. Congratulations!!

  2. HA! Oh dear… even though you knew it was coming… I guess sometimes logic doesn’t factor into natural reactions. I suppose it could have been worse 🙂

  3. Welcome to the world of boys! I was afraid of facing that all the time when I had Micah, but it only ever happened once to me. And the 1 time it did happen he got my hair, my clothes, the floor…let’s just say he did it well! As they get older I think it’s easier to “tell” when they might be getting ready to spray you again. Good luck on keeping dry!

  4. You need some of those PeePee TeePees! That or a wash cloth to keep on the changing table to throw over the weapon during changing. My husband got hit several times, I always seemed to elude it! HA!

  5. Ok, maybe my girls just have a lot of their dad in them or something….but all of my girls have peed on me. And poo’ed. And every other fluid that can come out of their little bodies. Not that you wanted to know that. 😉

    Good thinking on saving that diaper! Carpet can be cleaned, but a soggy disposable diaper cannot. 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    I always kept some cloth diapers around to cover them while changing. If it was covered, they usually didn’t pee. I recall getting peed on a number of times, when I forgot to cover them up.

    Amy, Mom to 3 boys

  7. My boy peed when being changed by me for the first time the other night. The lights were out as it was late and I didn’t want to wake him more. Suddenly I thought “why is my hand wet?” I don’t know why I finally flicked on the bathroom light but I did only to discover that the stream had gone right over the boys shoulder and soaked my bed. Nice. “Luckily” hubby is deployed and doesn’t need his side of the bed so I slept there. Fun times. Hopefully you won’t have too many of these. 🙂

  8. Two boys…I’ve SO been there! Best thing to do is just keep a little washcloth on the changing table and throw it on him while you are changing him. You have NO IDEA how many times that washcloth saved me from a yellow sprinkling. 🙂

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