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It’s so foggy, it feels as if I’m starring in a Stephan King movie. Of course, I’d be the witty and beautiful heroine, not the idiotic best friend who goes downstairs to see what that noise was.

Aviana walked on the balance beam today at gymnastics all by herself. It is absolutely astounding how much she has improved in three months! She also now will lie down on the table at the chiropractor all by herself! We all four got adjusted this morning and I already notice a huge improvement on my cough. It’s amazing how it works when one can allow the power that made the body to heal the body.

Brielle is an outstanding communicator. Just now she told me she wants to go outside to see the cats. She can’t talk much yet of course, at 16 months. She signed hat, and said “bob” pointing to her feet, meaning boots and then signed cat and panted, which she does indiscriminately for cats and dogs. Or she may have wanted to see Roscoe too. I just took her outside for a little while during which she just walked around in circles petting everyone until her nose was Victoria Falls and her cheeks were cherries. She asked so prettily, I would take her out again, but I’m feeling too lazy.

Have I mentioned that of late I’m kind of obsessed with Harry Potter? In the last couple weeks, I’ve read the first six books and watched the first four movies. They are so good. I hate to jump on band wagons, plus I hate waiting for the next one to come out (like I had to with the Left Behind series), so I know I’m a little behind the times. I laugh out loud several times in every book, and I’ve suddenly got a hankering to make British food. They eat a lot of pudding apparently. But not really pudding like chocolate pudding.

Aviana made a loverly Christmas tree, using copious amounts of glitter, naturally.

A good friend organized a gift exchange; this is what I got! Isn’t this a terrific idea?!?
I can’t wait to use my new trifle dish (Quite British, you know) and try this recipe.

4 thoughts on “In short

  1. That’s great about the chiropractor. My 6 year old has no problem lying on the table, but she always says “but don’t twist my face!” She had her first adjustment within hours of being born.

    On the Harry Potter books, I always find that reading them makes me crave a big breakfast with eggs and toast!

  2. Eve loves going to the “Popcorn Doctor” (as she calls the Chiro.) I went the other day to make sure everything was inline for labor. I have never had any back labor and I attribute that to the chiropractor visits I’ve made.

    The Christmas glitter tree is awesome! Glitter IS made to be used in copious amounts after all.

    Drooling over your trifle dish… I want one badly!


  3. Oh, isn’t it wonderful to see children start the communication process? We’ve taught each of our kids to sigh, each one a little more than the last, and I love watching how they make each sign their own. My youngest, at 14 1/2 months, has just started using words this week. It’s too cute!

    And I think the glitter tree is peachy. Couldn’t have done better myself, lol!!

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