In Real Life

Today I met one of my bloggy friends in real life. Brittany is driving cross country with her brood We all met up at a park for what turned out to be several hours, a couple of toads, a letter box, some Trader Joe’s oreos of which I was informed are way better than our Target ones, a first time tree climber and much much dirt and water.

It was wonderful to know that we got along as well as I always thought we would. It was a relaxing afternoon, and Aviana asked me if we could do again tomorrow. I wish, babes, I wish.

I also wish I could meet ALL of you in real life.

First time in a tree

She wants to go back and dig up that particular tree to move it to our yard. Clearly, the 30 odd trees around here just won’t do.

In good company–Gavin, Grayson and Vance

Brittany and me and our babies–Cadrian is a day short of one month older.

Eliza and Nolia with their delightful grins

Vance, Gavin, Ozzie, Brielle, Aviana, Cadrian, Grayson

6 thoughts on “In Real Life

  1. I had to stop over and say hi. I'm one of the stops along the way that Brittany and her sweet family made (I think the one after Iowa??). It was fun to see pics of kids I know on your blog. 🙂

    We too, met at a park and spent hours talking like old friends even though it was our first time meeting.
    I hope to get pictures posted from our visit in the next day or two….

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