In over our heads…

Curious. Inquisitive. Clever. Capable. Coordinated.
My almost two year old.

He’s busy. Always.
This is caulk. All over. From our recent door installation. He was a bona fide stickified MESS. We had to resort to turpentine to get it off.
On the bright side, potty training is going better in the last few days than it had been. He is having a hard time pooing in the potty, but we’re doing  fairly decent at staying dry all day.

He LOVES to be in on whatever his sisters and brother are doing. If he can’t be a part of it, he will torment them beyond belief! He’s so tiny and adorable, it comes as a surprise to all of us when he gets that mischievous glint in his eye and becomes Lil Dynamo.
Also, he tends to lead his brother into temptation. 

He’s still a baby, but he’s getting so big, and capable of so much. He understands more than he lets on, I think. He’s clever and quick. And so stealthy. He needs to be watched every single second or he will be into something.
Oh the force is strong with this one. I can’t wait to see who he grows into.
To see what plans God has for him.

3 thoughts on “In over our heads…

  1. What a great presentation of this little rascal. Just a boy, I think. I love the last photo and caption. Good luck if you sneak out to give birth to Baby E. and blessings to you all. gin

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