In Arkansas…

Vacation. 13 + hours in the car to get there, 5 of it on Lombard Street rivaling mountain passes. An excruciating car ride which exacerbated some pregnancy related, previously only minor problems for this starting the third trimester mama to the point of tear inducing pain. Not exactly the ideal way to start vacation.

My midwife called in a scrip for me and I tried some other remedies to boot and was feeling a bit better by the end of the week. Until I got some serious chigger bites in unmentionable places. Which are still problematic. Not exactly the ideal way to end vacation.

 My mom said to wait a couple weeks and then decide if it was worth it.

 The kiddlets had a grand time though. Aviana’s favorite part was the four mile hike.

  Brielle really liked playing at the beach.

 As did Cadrian and his cousins.

 And they didn’t all sleep in one bed, although they did all sleep in one room.

Denton pretty much enjoyed it all. 

 I favored having some long visits with my sister.

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