We’re all doing better around here (all the delicious brownies people have been bringing are contributing to that, I’m positive). In fact, I’m nursing at the keyboard, something that would have been unthinkable a few days ago.

The girls are doing better too. There are still some kinks like whinyness and disobedience to iron out, but they are adjusting. I had all three of them by myself for the entire morning yesterday. It went a lot better than I could have hoped, but I was surprised at how exhausted I was after Grandma came to get them! Cadrian and I slept for 2 1/2 hours then in the afternoon!

My birthday is Friday and I have been trying to talk myself into letting Kevin take me out. We went to the drive-in for my birthday 11 days after Aviana was born–after pre-eclampsia, a C-section, being in the hospital for 5 days; having two other children at home sure makes a big difference on the energy level.

Cadrian is growing like crazy–He’s up to 9 pounds 3 ounces, (up almost a pound) and he grew an inch in his first week. He is so strong and can hold up his head for quite a long time. As well, he can squirm his way to where he wants to go (the boob)and get there quite effectively.

My big projects have been working on Cadrian’s birth announcement, getting pictures uploaded to Winkflash to take advantage of 6ยข prints before the end of the month, and finding good books to read.

I’m spending, on average, 3 1/2 hours a day nursing and thereby reading about a book a day. I really have enjoyed The Plague Maker, Out of the Shadows, Doesn’t She Look Natural?, The English American, Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos, and Blood Ties. We also watched a movie I really liked called In Her Shoes.

Take my recommendations and run with them if you like, even if you aren’t trapped in a chair for more than a full eighth of your day.

8 thoughts on “Improvements

  1. I highly recommend reading A Voice in the Wind, and Echo in the darkness and As Sure as the Dawn by Francine rivers. I just read all three, they’re phenomenal God based romance novels!!!

  2. Yay! Glad nursing is going well; I absolutely loved nursing David, my third. It’s amazing what a difference your attitude can make in something like that.

    Enjoy your books, and all the sweet snuggle time with your new man!


  3. It sounds like he is growing like a little champ!
    I read In Her Shoes, that was a good one. I might have to take up some of your other suggestions for when my little one arrives.
    I hope you can get out for your birthday!!

  4. How do you read while nursing and still keep the other two happy and entertained? I could read with my first but struggled with the other two as I was too busy entertaining!

    I too liked the Plague Maker… good choice. I am also a fan of Terri Blackstock, her restoration novel series is excellent!! Happy reading!!

  5. his growth is amazing! my daughter was 9lbs 6oz at 2 mos old! hahahaha she was only 4lbs 14oz at birth (38 wks with IUGR). he looks very healthy & strong! he is so cute!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cadrian looks jauntice….did the dr. tell you to have him in the sunlight? not trying to discourage, but jauntice does affect the brain.
    Happy Birthday

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