I do and I don’t

So last night, while completely wasting time on the computer, I took this quiz. I completely surprised myself by being right on the cusp of scoring in The Crunchiest of Them All.

I thought, “Hmm…that can’t be right, I don’t feel very crunchy.” (I’m still not sure why it’s called crunchy; I don’t even like Grape-Nuts and I’m pretty much allergic to tree hugging.)

So, I took another one to be sure. And the score was essentially the same category.

I still don’t think of myself as a “crunchy mama”, but maybe I need to revisit my philosophies.

I do make my own yogurt.

I don’t think I could live without meat. Mmmmm….steak! Mmmmm….bacon!

I do think James Dobson is a gift from God. (I don’t agree with this now–May 2014)

I don’t believe in Grace Based Discipline. (I do now–May 2014)

I do cloth diaper, most of the time, while at home.

I did try Elimination Communication with Aviana and may revisit it with Baby D.

I don’t have anything against disposies.

I do use Natural Family Planning.

I don’t circumcise.

I don’t recycle (much to my dad’s chagrin).

I do love to be barefoot.

I don’t care for Birkenstocks or Chaccos.

I did wear my pearls while working in the garden today (but it wasn’t planned).

I don’t wear a bra when I can get away with it.

I do color my hair.

I don’t like dreads.

I do love my make-up.

I don’t believe in much TV.

I do wear my babies.

I don’t vaccinate.

I do pop out the boob whenever baby is hungry, or needs comforted.

I don’t believe in much doctorin’.

I do believe in home remedies, natural remedies for what ails you.

I don’t take drugs if I can help it.

I do go to a chiropractor.

I don’t send my kids to school.

I do use natural, sometimes homemade, cleaning products.

I don’t shave.

I do love peasant skirts.

I don’t have any tattoos or body piercings.

I do believe in simplicity and minimalism.

I don’t always seem to live that out!

I do love to “help the earth” by reusing second hand items.

I do sleep with my babies.

I don’t mind resorting to letting them “cry it out” when they are old enough to sleep through the night, and need a little push out of the nest.


*throws hands up in surrender* I guess I just don’t know where I fit in!

6 thoughts on “I do and I don’t

  1. You are the momma that your kids need! I have always considered myself as a "conservative, crunchy momma"! But what matters most is that we are the mom's that our babies need us to be! I have always done what I think is best for my children and our family and that is the mom that I am and always will be!

  2. I'm a "granola mom" according to the second quiz – kind of a healthy mix of the two I guess. I'm eco-friendly when it's sensible but not a nazi about anything, you know?

    I think stereotyping can be tricky here – we do what feels natural and right – not because of a label but because it works for us.

  3. Hiya! We *met* over at MDC…I'm definitely about the "crunchiest" person I know..but not in the sort of popular or trendy ways.

    I don't focus on the environment, because I think environmentalism is a false religion, and serving the Earth isn't my goal. However, being a good steward of God's provision sort of lends itself to being more mindful sometimes..I just cringe at the green movement, as it's a distraction from the focus that our Earth has been dying away since the fall! I see too many bigger fish to fry..like salvation!

    However, I'm crunchy in many other ways that few people I know in real life are..which makes me sort of a wandering nomad, LOL! I don't fit in with the the mostly uber liberal MDC crowd, yet I'm not "mainstream" at all…so..yep..I'm also a healthy blend!

    We are very conservative Christians, don't vaccinate, I breastfeed, we are open to life, I homeschool, we use lots of herbs and supplements and avoid Dr's, I cook from scratch as much as possible, I like to dress fairly modestly (and in long skirts as much as possible) but still fashionably, I cloth diaper, wear makeup, etc.

    It was a blessing to "meet you" and I love your blog!

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