I’m still grumpy.

Kevin and I have not been communicating well.

My responsibilities are weighing heavily on me.

I’m not thinking clearly.

Nothing feels easy.

I finally got over my two day headache to be faced with a stomachache and dizziness. I’m hungry but don’t really want to eat anything.

The kiddlets are just tots, and still need me to be their ever-lovin’ mama.

Brielle got out of bed so many times tonight, Kevin finally said we should just let her fall asleep in our bed. Which we did.

Aviana had a colossal tantrum at bedtime and had to be disciplined twice.

And I am still so blessed. I have been given another day to live, to fail, to learn, to trust, to walk in the footsteps of my Jesus, to praise Him. It might not have been the day I would have ordered, but it was a gift to me, nevertheless.

And still I am so loved. I am loved with an everlasting never changing love. I am loved by a God who knows every single hair on my head. Who looks at me all raggedy, sick and greasy, with shining eyes. Who promises that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.

And I do love Him.

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  1. Mama said there’d be days like this….

    I’m so sorry that your getting hit from all sides. I hope that today will be peaceful and an encouragement to your heart.

    Selfishly I took a bit of comfort in knowing that someone else has bad days like me too… may it soon be a distant memory.


  2. Hello! My name is Amy Weed & I started reading your blog way back when you were featured in the Farm & Ranch magazine. I have really loved getting to know about you & your family through all of your postings. I was actually inspired by you to start our own blog & it has really helped me with differebt aspects of my life! Thank you! The link to our blog is; http://www.happyweeds.blogspot.com

  3. I can take being sick and I can take the family being sick, but boy,does it stink when we’re all sick at the same time. Why? Cuz mom is still mom and she’s the “fixer” whether she’s sick or not. I remember when my 15 yo. was about 2 and my 13 yo was just a baby and we were all 3 sick. Dad was at work and the older one wanted juice. She was too little to get it alone, so I literally rolled off the couch onto the floor and crawled across to the kitchen, where I slowly pulled myself up high enough to get the juice. I was so weak, but I knew she needed the juice, so I did what I had to do. I never forgot that, but it’s now a “distant memory”. And, thankfully, the times like that have been few and far between…and someday when my girls are mommys I will remember the misery and be the best help I can for them. Get well soon. 🙂

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