I’m redeeming myself…

I would like to thank the authors of Draw~Write~Now for giving me the ability to draw a cow that actually looks like a cow. Now my sweet boy is carrying his Mama Cow around with him literally everywhere. The poor child nearly had to be resuscitated when his Mama Cow picture blew out of the van.

I’m so pleased.

4 thoughts on “I’m redeeming myself…

  1. I was gonna say Holy Cow…. so no bonus points for originality! LOL but that is a very good cow I must say! This is a common problem for me too…."draw this mommy, draw that mommy…" It can be quite challenging to meet their expectations. My son always has to draw a picture to go with his book reading….I tell him to break it down into shapes. he seems to figure it out then.
    So what will the next masterpiece be?

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