I’m productive even when I don’t mean to be.

And sassy too.

Here are some of the great and mighty things I got accomplished today.

Duct taped the toilet seat after it cracked under me. Nothing like that happening to make you feel like you’ve gained 300 pounds. I used zebra duct tape because really, how can you not?

Ate some blonde brownies the seven year old made.

Cut both the boys’ hair. They love getting their hair cut with the clippers. I mean love it. If they had their way, they’d both be bald. Denton’s still hasn’t recovered from when his brother cut it (and Cadrian’s is growing out funny from the same incident) so it’s a loh-hot shorter than before. Denton looks so different. And old.

Started a new book.

Started to do dishes until we realized the freshly installed (and apparently not quite correctly or completely) water heater was gushing water out into the room, so I got out of that.

Planted the rest of the square foot garden.

Hung out a load of laundry. It’s still there.

Hired a birth photographer!

Called one of my besties and pinned down a date to take her to get pedis.

Took a few pictures of the house addition.

Now I’m just sitting here, sans pants, being awesome.

Look how productive I am. *grin*

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