I’m just wondering…

My new Wondertime came today. Normally, I really enjoy this magazine. But they changed the cover and now it feels all funky. And there was an ad with a close-up of a toddler picking her nose. Ick. As if I don’t see enough of that.

Clearly, being overtired makes me annoyed easily. Anyway.

Among the things I liked about it, they did pose this query: If your child had to eat one food for a week, what would it be?

Aviana, age 4 1/2: Mataroni and cheese and Target-brand Mixed Vegetables
Brielle, age 2 1/2: tostadas (tortillas spread with refried beans and cheese & made toasty on our Pizza Pizzaz)
Cadrian, age 1/2: Mama’s milk
Mama, age 33 1/2: Whole wheat tortillas, filled with refried beans, taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and salsa
Dada, age 41 1/2: pizza

So, my question to you (and/or your child) is: one food for a week. What is it?

15 thoughts on “I’m just wondering…

  1. well, since we’re talking more like one MEAL for a week and not JUST ONE food…i’d say three scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and an avocado and two strawberries. that’s all i need.


  2. I would have to say sweet and sour chicken from our local chinese place. I’m amazed that mixed veggies were one of your daughters picks. That rocks!!!

  3. I’m pregnant and all I ever want is pizza with meat. Before I got pregnant I loved the veggie and always took all the meat off any pizza we ordered with it on. So weird…and NOT HEALTHY!

  4. Natalie (almost 10) mommy’s homemade macaroni and cheese

    Kaitlyn (almost 7) mommy and daddy’s homemade lasagna (it’s a team effort here.

    CJ (15 months) any sort of pasta

    Me (30) chicken parmagiana

    Joe (37) I recently asked him this and his response was lobster or shrimp which I was shocked about and then he changed it to some sort of beef.

  5. Lydia (15 months): Kiwi, Pasta, and butter – I give her a piece of bread and butter and she just licks off the butter, haha!

    Me (22): Balsamic Ravioli, with a tossed salad…and a small brownie – b/c I can’t go a whole week without chocolate!

    Will (24): Pizza – specifically plain cheese with thin crust.

  6. Maybe it’s the ravages of my diet, but almost every blog I’ve visited today has discussed food. And it’s all makin’ me really, really hungry for stuff OFF the diet, lol.

    My favorite food for a week? My homemade guacamole and corn chips.

  7. me- pasta!

    shaye -grilled cheese!

    mackenna- tough one, she eats anything and everything, her and John both. Oh wait, probably spiral Macaroni and cheese… that’s like a major treat for her right now.

    brielle- “McDonald’s crispy ranch snack wrap” (yikes!)

    gianna- “my school’s chicken nuggets”?!??

    Your family’s are actually pretty healthy.

  8. I'd have a salad that included: Fresh spinach, grated carrot, sunflower seeds & almonds, grilled chicken, and chopped apple with a Balsamic vinegarette! I love it and have it everyday almost for lunch 🙂 What a fun question

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