I’m in trouble

Brielle, age 22 months, comes walking out of the bathroom, hiking up her bundies (as we call underwear around here). It looks as if things are a little askew, so I ask her, “Need help pullin’ up your britches, darlin’?”

She shakes her head vigorously to the negative, “Uh-uh.” And then in a clearly imperious tone, she adds, “Bundies, actchee”

My one year old, not even talking in full sentences yet, correcting me. Am I ever in for it.

12 thoughts on “I’m in trouble

  1. Ohhhh!!! I have such a hard time NOT laughing when I get corrected. It’s so darn cute to see them imitating you, especially in correction. It just means you’re doing your job and they are understanding what people should and shouldn’t be doing!

  2. You’re such a cool mama….letting them paint that house. They’re probably never forget it and look, Brielle is clean now!

    Seriously, I don’t know if I can do the BEDROOM challenge, my room is a mess, when guests come over, that’s where I stash the pile of books, magazines and junk mail I have yet to go through, the clean or dirty laundry, the boxes of winter clothes (under my bed) resting besides LOTS of dust bunnies, for sure…

  3. Hmmm…wonder where she gets her imperious-ness from?? *LOL* I have often heard myself outta my kids mouths….sometimes hysterical, sometimes not-so-much!

  4. lol this is sucha cute story!!
    She’s 1 going on 13! Just wait till she is 13! Thanks for sharing. Btw, I LOVE your kids names!! They are so pretty and so unique!

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