If you have any advice, please dispense it…

It seems like Miss A is need of a later naptime, because she never (as of the past month or so) falls asleep right away in her crib. Case in point, she’s been in there talking for an hour and 1/2 now. I, on the other hand, hit a HUGE afternoon lull (and am generally ready for a nap) right after lunch. And I need the break by one, after being with my sweeties since seven, and getting interrupted sleep at night, and I won’t be getting good naps anymore anyway as Brielle seems to be on a nursing, not napping craze in the afternoons… So what do I do? Not put her down until 2 or 2:30 and be tired(-er) and weepy(-er)/grumpy(-er), myself, or keep letting her spend 4 hours (or so)an afternoon in her crib? She still needs the nap, as evidenced by the fact that she sleeps for two hours when she finally falls asleep.

What to do? What to do? I don’t know — do you?

I tend to get a little Dr. Suessy when tired. And I AM tired.

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