The Ick.

We’ve all had it for about a week now.

Denton despite the green goo oozing now and then from his eyes and nose, is a happy little totter-er. He insists on walking a few steps when he first lets go of whatever he’s holding on to and then plops to his bummie. He holds his hands up in a finger splayed “stick ’em up” position as he totters. So stinkin’ cute.
Cadrian just mostly has the runny nose, but occasionally wants extra cuddles so he’ll tell me he’s “gick” so I’ll scratch his back and nuzzle him. Then he’s off to the next thing–especially if it includes sand or dirt or both.
Brielle had pretty much dodged the bullet, with the exception of Saturday when she was too sick to go to Aunt Katie’s bridal shower, (“Mama,”she asked plaintively from the couch, “will you doe det my fancy dress?” she couldn’t get up but she she sure wanted to be at the shower!) but now she’s lost her voice and fell asleep on the couch when she should have been coming in for dinner. She at around 8 pm. and went straight back to bed.
Aviana has had me up in the night with sore throats and ear aches. She seems fine during the day, singing as she’s puzzling, playing and reading a new Little House book every day (she’s in the Rose years right now) but awakens shrieking in the night. I’m praying she sleeps through tonight; I don’t think I could take another day of this.
Kevin, bless his heart, has worked out in the rain or sun with a stuffed up face and aching head, treating cattle, combining, baling hay, fixing–the endless jobs he’s conquering every day. If he feels as half as cruddy as I do, I don’t know how he finds the strength.
And me, I pulled together the energy to go to Heartstrings this morning, which was a blessing because I realized I would get a migraine if I didn’t get to the chiro stat, so since I was already in town it was a piece of cake. Relatively.
The kids waited in the toy room for a while, then about 1/2 way through they came to the exam room where the doctor suddenly looked up and quipped, “Wow! This room just got…populated!”

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