I wish I’d read this Monday

I regularly read Relevant Blog and was moved by some of the things she had to say about Marriage. Note the capital M. I suggest reading Mary’s words yourself, but here are my favorite quotes:

The beauty of marriage is two flawed people living under one roof, choosing to be faithful.

There are seasons in marriage. Sometimes passionate, sometimes exhausted, sometimes ho-hum, sometimes oh-wow.

The expectations on Christian women are staggering. Have you ever felt the weight? We need to be industrious, housekeepers, pretty for our husbands, sensitive to everyone’s needs, perfect mothers, Bible study teachers, chauffeurs, gourmet cooks, hostesses, always upbeat. The list is tyranny, folks.

We are walking together, discovering the love of Jesus within each of us, sacrificing for the other, being an example of humility and authenticity to our children, and loving each other despite our shortcomings.

Thanks Mary!

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