I wish I may…

Lisa, over at Life with Our Little Ladies, tagged me with a meme.

Conversation last night with my husband (on whose lap I’m sitting as we check the weather & email):
me: I need to answer this meme.
him: What’s a meme?
me (ever eloquent): it’s a thingy all about me I have to answer.
him(still clueless): Do you have to do it now?
me: Well, Lisa tagged me.
him( as if I’m not speaking English):Well, by all means, if Lisa tagged you you have to do the meme.
me(dissolving into a puddle of laughter): OK, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Here are the instructions: Post two wish lists: 5 material wishes and 5 spiritual or more meaningful wishes. Invite five other bloggers to play along.

Material wishes:
1–My vehicles and home to stay pristine inside and out at all times
2–French doors off my kitchen, leading to a patio with never a fly, comfortable furniture and a maintenance free water garden complete with a pair of swans
3–A delicious vegetable garden and fruit orchard paired with a magazine worthy flower garden–all with not a smidge of work -naturally!
4–The upstairs completely updated and remodeled–including a third floor attic playroom, and new furniture to boot–actually, just make that my whole house: keep the 150 year old charm and history with none of the problems and inconvenience or ugliness of an old home
5–A stylish, yet classy, self-updating and replenishing wardrobe and the body to go with it (no floppiness or fluffiness what so ever anywhere to be found!)

Oh man, I’m at 5 already! Can I wish for another wish?
Spiritual wishes:
These are all sort of true spiritual goals that I am already, constantly working on, striving for and failing at (with the occasional success thrown in to keep me chasing)
1–to have quiet time with God every day–the better I get to know Him, the more I can become like Him and the better of a person I’ll be
2–to teach my children the amazing depth of God’s love for us
3–to be the kind of wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend God created me to be while maintaining my own personal boundaries
and since these are wishes after all…
4–that every person in the world know Jesus as their personal Savior, so they can spend eternity with Him

That’s basically it!

I tag Brea

Go to it blogging buddies! Let’s hear your wishes!

5 thoughts on “I wish I may…

  1. Very good! And I appreciate getting the extra wish!!! I’ll take a personal organizer that will make sense of all of my piles, stacks & junk please 🙂

  2. Funny conversation between your husband and you. I have had many like that.

    Nice answers. Heehee… wish for one more. We have endless things to do around the house too. I couldn;t pick just 5.

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