I think so too.

I now believe that television itself, the medium of sitting in front of a magic box that pulses images at us endlessly, the act of watching TV per se, is mindcrushing. It is soul-deadening, dehumanizing, soporific in a poisonous way, ultimately brutalizing. It is, simply put so you cannot mistake my meaning, a bad thing. ~ Harlan Ellison, Strange Wine

5 thoughts on “I think so too.

  1. Yep. So are you turning the tube off for a time or getting rid of yours? We just watched the movie "Temple Grandin"…have you seen it? Oh man, that's a good one…I'm sure Kevin would like it too.

  2. Certainly so! But it's one of those things that I like, my family enjoys and I'm not so sure we could live without (I mean just giving it up). So, I aggressivly monitor what my children watch. No way on iCarly, Victorious or any of those kinds of shows on Nickelodeon. My kids are less than 7 years old! They don't need to see other "kids" kiss on TV!! We also monitor what WE watch in front of the kids, too. We end up watching nature shows or ones like Dirty Jobs or anything on RFDTV!

  3. We do have a TV, but it's in our upstairs family room behind closed doors and is rarely on. As a family. we watch a movie now and then. Sometimes the children will watch Curious George or Signing Time. Kevin and I do love our movies, so we watch one a couple times a week.

    I just thought that quote was well said!

  4. We have just switched off our dstv which is probably similar to your cable? My kids were getting utterly hooked on Disney, Nickelodeon etc and I HATE the stuff. Its all quite new in South Africa so everyone (the kids) is raving about. Rather than fight with my kids -I simply switched it off. We have so many great movies for them – no earthly reason to have tv. We have still kept it for ourselves but it scarcely goes one more than 2x a week…i am loving the peace in my home – i found it totally wound everyone up!

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