I think my kid is hilarious

***Me: You know what time it is, Aviana?
Her: What?
Me: It’s bedtime.
Her: Let me see your watch.

***I’m getting ready. I’m wearing a light purple sweater. I put on a bracelet with big light blue stones. Mentally, I was debating whether or not it matched, but thought to myself, “What the hey, I’ll wear it anyway.”

In walks Little Miss Aviana. “Hey Mama, that bracelet doesn’t match!”
“It doesn’t?” I ask in complete surprise of my two year old echoing my thoughts.
“No. It’s blue, not purple. Silly mama!”

***It’s a glorious sunny day. We’re playing with our shadows on the concrete. “Look, ” I say, “I can make my shadow wave.”

“Wook!,”she says, putting her hands on her hips, sticking out her bummie and swaying back and forth, “I can make my sadow widdle” (wiggle)

***I am talking about looking for a recipe for dinner. Aviana declares that we should have French toast. She gets one of her books, and on every page, describes what she “sees”. “Dis is a wecipe for French toast. Dis is a wecipe for bwead. Dis is a wecipe for bones. Dis is a wecipe for Bwee-elle. Dis is a wecipe for Gigi.”

3 thoughts on “I think my kid is hilarious

  1. I think she’s hilarious too! Wow, a two year old noticing that you don’t match? Mine wouldn’t have! And she’s almost 3!

    Hey, my 6 yo still tries to pull fast ones on me with her favorite eyebrow-raising colors/prints!

    These little quotes are all adorable! She’ll love to read them someday!

    My favorite about “indians” is when my six year old was 2, she didn’t like “eating indians”. Translated: “onions”.

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