I think I need drawing lessons

My two year old brought me his Magnadoodle.

“Daw! Cow!”
“you want me to draw a cow?”
“Eh!” (yeah)
I’m having a bit of trouble, but I hand it back to him with a four legged creature on it.
He takes one glance and emphatically retorts, “No *snort* *snort*! Cow!”
“Oh, you think that looks like a pig?”
Attempt number two, still not much improvement. I hand over the Magnadoodle once again.
He looks at me as if I’m joking. “No *snort* *snort*! COW!”
By this time I’m laughing so hard, I can barely see, let alone draw a straight line.
I hand him back this:
I asked, “Is that good?” He kind of shrugged and smiled sympathetically…
I think he gave up on me.
In other news, Brielle just was getting a game out of the preschool cabinet and found the sandwich I lost yesterday . Sigh.
It’s tough to be me some days.

3 thoughts on “I think I need drawing lessons

  1. I have to agree, it is a lovely pig. Those things are hard to draw on! I can't even make anything that looks like a living creature on them. Good you found the sandwich after only a day. When my son was little, he found a glass of milk he had misplaced the previous week. Talk about spitting and screeching when he tried a drink!


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