I think I need an assistant

Ok, ok, this set up to the south facing window is clearly too sunny, despite it being an overcast day. Note my valiant Aviana in the back there.

I move the “studio” around to the east facing window. And Denton decides handstands are in order. And Elivette scoots away. (I graciously spare you all the chit chat and playing and general shenanigans, along with the 57 pictures missing between each of these shared here)

Elivette scoots away. Again. I nurse her.

Arrange everyone again. Reclip the clips holding up the sheet for the umpteenth time. Keep my patience. Denton gets cheesy.

I’ve got my arm raised, snapping my fingers, and making weird embarrassing noises trying to get their attention. So is Denton. 
Um. We’re about done with this, Mama. But we’re all looking!

Yeah. That’s about the best I could do…
Their individual shots turned out AH-Maze-ing though!

5 thoughts on “I think I need an assistant

  1. They get better and better…I ♥ watching the progression! I think the light is awesome, they can endure the brightness for a little bit, eh? And yes, your individual pictures turned out wonderfully!!!

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