I should have said

Yes, I know we just washed the window, but making your breath appear on it is so cool, and you have to touch it in order to see properly.

Even though that floor has just been mopped, it’s no big deal that you dripped pumpkin cookie dough all over; I love that you’re helping.
It’s totally ok that you lifted the mixer out of the batter. I know I’ve told you what would happen, but who doesn’t love a cookie dough rainstorm?
It’s fine that you knocked over the Christmas tree. Twice.
No, it’s not too noisy; it’s great that you’re STILL tap dancing.
I don’t mind that I JUST told you to sit on the potty and when I got distracted you disobeyed and disappeared. I’m so blessed to be changing diapers.
Go ahead and use all the blankets and pillows in the house to make the squishiest fort ever. We don’t need to keep anything “nice”.
I love that you love me so much you want to be right beside me all. the. time.
That’s how much I love you too.

4 thoughts on “I should have said

  1. Hi. I just found your blog and I have enjoyed looking at it. I like all your posts on thankfulness. It is so important to be thankful for what the Lord has given to us. I can also relate to your post today on what should have been said. Kids are such a precious gift from God. I will be continuing to follow your blog. 🙂

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