I should be in bed

We have a very busy morning planned. Our church is launching our new Iowa campus tomorrow. I need to be bright and chipper as I work in the nursery and then greet people before attending service myself. Oh well–that’s why God gave us the coffee bean.

I am up because I was messing around on-line. After catching up on some celebrity gossip and getting distracted following a link from Mommylife, I was planning on rounding out my scrapbooking.

I heard a noise and what do you think I saw? A bleary eyed squinting 12 month old teetering out of our room! I had put her in bed with Dada, and in the dark, she got out of bed, opened the door and came out, all with out making a sound. She even managed a grin (shameless, that one!) before having a quick nursie and letting me put her back to bed!

That’s a new one for the Farm Fresh Family!

By the way, I’ve been working on labels for the archive. For instance, if you click on “Farm Food” you’ll find all my posts which contain recipes. (Well, maybe not all, it is still a work in progress.)

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