I respectfully request a few moments of your time

I’m not a big one for asking for help like this, but this a gravely important issue in my family’s life:

At the end of Feb, it became public that the right of homeschooling families in California to give their OWN children a quality education which fits with their own philosophical beliefs and morals has essentially been taken away! In a closed door proceeding dealing with a single family, a judge determined that it is illegal to home school unless you are a certified teacher for all families in the state of CA. This affects more than 13,500 families in that state and could certainly affect more families across the nation if this ‘decree’ is held up as a precedent.

Personally, I am absolutely outraged that one judge ruling on one family’s situation can make a decision like this affecting the rights of all of us to do what we feel is best for our own children.

I am asking for the following things:

1)That you educate yourself a little by reading the
information here:

2)There is even more information in form a “news roundup” at www.mommylife.net, specifically this link. I’m pleased to learn the Gubinator is stepping in to secure homeschoolers’ rights.

3)And most importantly, you sign this petition on the Home School Legal Defense Association’s site asking the Court of Appeal to depublish this opinion.

Whether this issue affects you personally or not, I really appreciate you standing up for the rights of my family to choose to educate our children in our home.

Thank you for your friendship and your ‘signature’.

Love, Jessica

5 thoughts on “I respectfully request a few moments of your time

  1. I am so sad to hear this. I heard about it a while ago.
    I live in Canada and signed the petition for you anyway.
    so frustrating.
    How can they do this and say the school system is ‘better’ for our children when all you have to do is look at the school themselves and the kids these days.
    sooooo frustrating. AND ignorant.

  2. You know, we had an amazing speaker at our church this weekend, talking (among other things) about how to give your children a good, solid Biblical worldview. Many of us homeschool or will soon homeschool soon, so of course this topic came up. The fact that, not only did this ruling come out, but that it came out of California has scary implications, because that state really seems to trickle down to the rest of the country.

    This is a time to be on our knees in prayer, not just for the families out there, but all homeschool families, that we might have to courage to know when and how to fight this battle, while still honoring His Name.

    I also put up a post on this topic on my blog on Friday, with the HSLDA link. Grrrrrr …


  3. My MIL was just telling me about this. She also added that some people were put in jail and their kids taken to foster care???

    My feeling is this: they need to spend MORE TIME focusing on children living on the streets or who are being abused and neglected, NOT on children being educated by loving parents.

    I’ll sign the petition. My blood is BOILING!

  4. Not only did I sign the petition, but my DH did as well. How can I link this story to my blog so that others can sign the petition? My sister and my sister-in-law will want to sign it, too! My sis homeschooled for a time and my SIL was homeschooled (along with my DH).

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