I miss it

When Brielle was born, Aviana was two. She used to call Brielle “Belle”. Then suddenly one day, she was “Bwee-elle” and has been ever since.

Now Brielle is two. She called Cadrian “Craisin”. If we called him Craisin, she would immediately correct us, loudly, emphatically, “NO! He’s CRAISIN!” Now suddenly, he’s Cadrian.

I miss Belle. I miss Craisin.

9 thoughts on “I miss it

  1. Oh man me too.

    My kids all used to say Lello for yellow.

    Levi used to say isdusting for disgusting.

    Faith used to say …wait for it….my buttcrack it falling! Which meant her pants were falling down!!

    So many magical moments – good thing we are bloggers/scrapper yeah?

  2. Just keep writing it down and getting it on video so you will always remember. It’s amazing how much we forget even though it seems like we never will. We are having a hard time with our 5 year old daughter going to speech class because her mispronunciations are so cute. Great parents huh?

  3. Awww, I know what you mean! I miss how Dax says things. I’m sad I got upgraded to the more grownup “Mommy” instead of Mama. (I can only imagine how I’ll feel when it’s MOM!) He said “Guyee” for Grammy, “Days” for Dave, and “Nadee” for Wendy. They are all sad that he says their names correctly now. He still says “Yessi” for Lexi though, so holding on to that one as long as possible…

  4. They grow up so fast and sometimes you don’t even realize their words have changed. My son has had so many cute words that are going away as he grows up. He used to say Eye-co-te for coyote and he had the funniest way of saying Chipotle (which is a restaurant). I can’t even remember half of them . . . I wish I would have written them all down.

  5. I miss Mackenna telling everyone to “put your HOOT on- it’s raing!”.

    Gianna started missing being called E-ANNA, but still loves that Mackie’s favorite flavor is RUMILLA.

    They grow too fast…

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