I love this kid

For a while, we were a tiny bit afraid he would never talk.

Trust me. That is not a problem.
I love getting pictures of this boy’s brain. He tells me everything. (yes everything) he is thinking.
And he’s sensitive too. When I have to get stern with him, he’ll be so crestfallen and sometimes run to his room crying. He’ll pop back out in a few minutes with that sweet grin and “Gaw-rwee, Mama! Gaw-rwee!” (he substitutes the hard” g” sound for “s” and”j”)
After getting in trouble for getting lotion all over the bathroom, Cadrian is eager to prove his lotion worthiness every time we’re in the bathroom together, which come to think of it, is frequently. He’ll ask me if he can use it and then show me, “Ghee Mama? Dist one pump? Ghee? Dist a wittle bit!”
We got a new McDonald’s in our town and every. time. we drove by it (which is a lot since it’s right by the turn off to the library) he would say, “Unca Donald’s almost build!”
He loves to go get the mail for me. “By my ghelf!” I asked him if he was going to be a postman when he grew up and deliver the mail. He thought about that for a minute, and then said, “No be postman wike Dewr-wek.(our cousin) Be fawr-mewr wike Papa!”
(He just started calling Kevin Papa sometimes. We don’t know why, since we always call him Dada)
The best though, is the first time he’ll see me dressed for the day, and he’ll light up and say, “I wike you in dat Mama!”

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