I hope I’m not the only one

who can turn a trip to the grocery store into an all day outing.

We left as soon as Cadrian woke up from his morning nap and got his nursee in. The girls were so well behaved and non demanding, we got our cart full in record time. As a reward, and because we still had an hour before lunch, I decided we could go to the park.

I tried to call a couple of friends to meet up with us there, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone at that late of notice. It was just as well, because I made a new friend. I hit if off really well with one of the moms there and we exchanged phone numbers. Her little girl’s name is Thia. Isn’t that beautiful?

Then one of the friends with whom I had left messages called me back and invited us over for lunch. We spent a couple of hours there until Aviana bumped her head and dissolved into screaming wailing tears. I knew then it was time for quiet time!

I got all the groceries put away with no interference from the wee ones (unless you count the lab who snuck into the van to lick at crumbs), including the 20 pounds of chicken I got today at a really good deal, and reorganizing the deep freeze for easy access to our quarter beef as well.

After that task was done, we had baths, then watched Wizard of Oz while playing Candyland and Mancala. Now Kevin and my dad are in from the field, the girls are snuggled in their beds, and Cadrian is zoncked in the swing.

The evening extends before me to be filled with whatever I desire.

At least until the baby wakes up.

9 thoughts on “I hope I’m not the only one

  1. Aw, honey, I’ve been there! It gets easier. . . but now that I have three in school, going to the grocery store with only a two-year-old seems a little lonely! The grass is always greener. I miss the infant days, but I need to keep checking in with you to remember the reality along with the memories of the warm, cuddly morning nursing.

  2. That was a busy day! And how wonderful the girls were well behaved for you at the store. That’s always a bonus!
    Today is perfect park weather. I want to go to Scott County Park and go hiking. I also want Maddie to stop crying all the time. 😉

  3. That sounds like an absolutely beautiful day!!! You go girl! Now if I can only get through a grocery shopping with out needing to nurse my little guy 1/2 way through.

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