I have a problem

Some might call it an insecurity complex or something. I am constantly comparing myself to other people. I know I need to view myself through God’s lens, but it’s hard to do sometimes all the time. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I even compare myself to total strangers. Strangers I see in the mall (oh she’s got it more together than I; she’s a better mom than I; at least I don’t talk to my child like that (at least not in public)…) , even strangers on the Internet, other bloggers. I look at how some people have comments on every single post and wonder what I’m doing wrong. One blog I look at even has comments in the hundreds on every post! Then I judge her; wondering how she even has time to read them, let alone do all the things she blogs about, and take care of her family.

I don’t understand why I do this. Any advice is most welcome!

7 thoughts on “I have a problem

  1. Jessica we all do this. It is easy to compare ourselves to others. There is even an example or two in the Bible. Don’t ever feel like you need to comment on all entries. Once in a while is nice so that I know someone is reading.
    Hope you get to feeling better. It has been awhile, but I remember having a cold while PG. Was miserable but it does eventually go away.

  2. I hear ya. It is hard to not compare myself to others. I’m much better than I use to be – I’m more along the lines of – this is me, take it or leave it. And I’m good with whatever people choose. I don’t need to be someone I am not so they can feel good about themselves. (So there! :))

    Blogs can be extra terrible for self-esteem because readers only see the section of life that you allow them to see. And it distorts reality at times.

    From what I read on your blog I think you are totally awesome. You are you and I really like that. Makes me come back to read more. 🙂

  3. Hey! You are doing a fantastic job in this world. There will always be greater and lesser persons than you, but remember that God has chosen you to be who YOU are.

    I stop in quite often – hello from Indianapolis! I like your recipes, reading about your “old-fashioned” approach to raising your children, and hearing about modern day farm life!!

    Congratulations on your new little bundle-to-be. Hope you will be feeling much better real soon.

  4. I know what you mean. I tend to compare myself to others too so you are not alone.

    As far as the blogging goes, for me I wouldn’t want ~that~ many comments. You’re right, who has time to read that many! I like to keep my blog somewhat low key. The main reason I blog is so that someday when my kids are grown they can look back and see what they were like when they were little. I’m making into a printed “journal” So I create my posts with mostly that in mind. That and keeping friends and family up to date.

    I know there are some that read and never comment, even once and awhile, and I wish they would, because it’s nice to know who is reading.

    I look at your blog most every day… there’s a few that I check as part of my evening “routine”

    Oh, I forgot to ask you… do you know about our upcoming class reunion?

  5. Jes,

    Here’s something you maybe didn’t know……

    We ALL do that.

    But remember this:

    My mother used to tell me this,

    Imagine you putting all of your cares, worries, problems into a bag and joining 20 people that you admire at a party. When you get there, you all put your bags on the table and share stories of your lives for several hours. When it is all over, I can GUARANTEE, you will pick up your own bag and go home.

    Every human has their own set of trials, troubles, and crosses to bear. God gives us everything we need and never more than we are able to handle.

    People that are so “well put together” usually hide their troubles better. Quite frankly “hiding” isn’t an admirable trait.

    Chin UP!

  6. Yeah, SHE does have lots of comments doesn’t she! PW of course! We’ve all thought it. I have gone as far as not to link to her because my blog stinks so bad compared to hers that any readers I did have would realize what loosers they are to read me once they start reading her. Does that make any sense?

    I love what Michelle and her mother said above. I have often thought that but not with such pretty well thought out words. It’s entirely true. Thanks for sharing!

  7. dad says:

    Sounds like you B me!! Love Dad

    We are so alike I try not to do it yet after 57 years at times i go right back and know no one even likes me? Lie I have several friends and really good ones too! God has seen me and loves me even when i can’t be all he wants me to B.

    Just yesterday at a meeting of old DC’s who were and are still and well guess what I quit being a DC. What does that tell you???

    Still a very sore point yet God through all that time really worked in my life. You got some great comments and from the word to boot Go girl!! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!

    You are special pumkin Love Dad

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