I have good intentions

I did some laundry today.

One load I forgot on the line. Another load is sitting in front of the dryer waiting to be folded. The third is in the dryer because the basket is full in front of the dryer. One is still in the washer because there are dry clothes in the dryer and the basket is full.
I let Aviana go through her cookbook to choose something to make. She picked animal crackers.

I was pleased she chose a good healthful snack, which I made even more healthy by adding some whole wheat flour and flax seed to them.

Then they were too healthy tasting, so I had to add some sugar.
The girls were helping me SO nicely. They both wanted to roll out the crackers but we couldn’t find Aviana’s rolling pin. They were doing well; I offered to go get it for her.

When I walked back into the kitchen from looking for it out in the playhouse, I discovered Brielle had literally thrown the dough and flour ALL. OVER. the floor.

I picked up the biggest pieces and made the animal crackers anyway.

Only, we don’t have any animal cookie cutters, so really they are mostly pumpkins, apples and stars.
Both my dad and Kevin, when snitching from the piles of animal crackers on the cooling racks, complained they were burned.

I have three piles: pile one=ok, pile two=a little crispy but generally still edible, pile three=for the chickens.

Why they both thought they would eat burned chicken food and then bellyache about it is beyond me.
My mom had checked out some audio books for Aviana which were due today.
We made a trip to the library with the primary goal of returning those CD’s.
We went through the our rather lengthy process of getting out of the house.
I returned huge armloads of books and DVD’s.

I forgot to double check that Aviana actually went upstairs to get the books on CD when I asked her to. (Sorry Mom!)
It was such a nice day, I thought we’d walk over to the grocery across from the library. I needed to pick up potatoes for dinner tonight and M&Ms (Brielle’s potty bribe) and then we could go for a nice little jaunt.

Potatoes were on sale. So were the bargain bags of bananas.

A person doesn’t walk far pushing a double stroller full of a four year old, a two year old, five pounds of bananas and twenty pounds of potatoes with a 17+ pound infant in the sling.

Even if it was a nice day.
Brielle has been wearing cloth diapers and with the M&M bribe staying dry dry dry. Yesterday was day seventeen of being dry dry dry all day.

So today, I told her she could wear her big girl bundies.

Guess what?
And I didn’t make potatoes for dinner tonight either.

I’m very well intentioned.

12 thoughts on “I have good intentions

  1. Okay, leave us in suspense why don’t you? Did Brielle stay dry in her big girl undies? It’s one of two things either she did or she didn’t. I’m going with she did ;).

    You had a more productive day than I did. My intentions for yesterday was to clean clean clean for our party which is tomorrow, but instead I napped while the baby did because I’ve been staying up way too late and he decided that even though he’s going to be 1 TOMORROW that screaming at midnight would be a good idea. So I was tired, tired, tired and now I’ve gotta clean clean clean today ;).

  2. Aww, that's ok! Not all days go as you planned. Read my blog from last night if you want to hear about our drama. Might make you feel better, LOL. I didn't fold my laundry either, so HA!

    We use M&Ms to bribe Dax on stuff too. Works great, I agree! Although you could prob bribe me with M&Ms to get just about anything too. (5-10 points per bag, depending on the size though- so try to avoid as much as possible)

  3. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one with days like this!
    The library thing is the worst! I hate late fees:(
    Oh well, I’m sure the chickens will enjoy their gourmet snack.;)

  4. Wow…you had a heck of a time making those animal crackers, huh?? More power to you for trying all that with the kids!!
    Oh and I am in your same “laundry boat”… got laundry in the dryer and in the basket!!

  5. Oh, yes…I’m familar with these kinds of intentions. I have entire To Do lists full of good intentions…many of which never come to pass, lol.

    Somehow the important stuff always manages to get done.

    Fun activity with the girls? Check.
    Some laundry done? Check.
    Hospitality for the extended fam? Check (even if they did eat the chicken food pile, lol).

    To me, that sounds like a pretty successful day.

  6. Do you think you could share your animal cracker recipe? they sound great. I always try to skimp on sugar or replace it with honey. We gotta try to put a healthy twist on everything, right?

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