I had so much fun today! Thank you for playing along with me! I met some new friends and saw the closets of some old ones–what more can a girl ask for? I haven’t even seen the closets of some of my IRL friends!

I think I had a grin on my face all day long. Except when I cried because Brielle spilled glaze all over the cabinets and mostly clean (up until that point) floor at 5:30 in the morning.

I love how we are all having so much in common and yet are so different. I love how I can learn so much from you. I love how you all have a sense of humor.

I love that you think I’m a cute pregnant lady–you’re delusional, but I love it anyway!

I loved visiting your homes today! I got the impression you want to do this again…If that’s so, I’d be willing. I do have the account with Mr. Linky after all. (Naughty Mr. Linky who was being rather difficult today, I hear)

How does next Thursday work for you? Or would you rather do it every other week? I promise to shorten the list–that would be daunting if we’re going to do this as a regular thing.

Let me know! I’ll be waiting.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog. I loved reading all your comments! 🙂

    To answer some of your questions:
    My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi. I know it’s an “amateur” camera, but I am one, and Ilove it! I have a Canon EFS 17-85mm IS lens.

    The Fridays Feast can be found at http://www.fridaysfeast.com/ Wish I could say I came up with the questions, but I’m just not that creative. 🙂

    And thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to Google Pirates and Bible verses, but I’m so glad you did. Thanks for the suggestions! Once I get his room finished, I’ll post pictures. 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by!
    Tanya 🙂

  2. My “Official” comment is every Thursday if the list is short. I really enjoyed it myself, too! And we’re not delusional…you do look cute…enjoy it because if you’re like me…I only felt cute till the moment the baby popped out!

  3. That would be fun! And yes, I agree…if you shortened the list it would be really easy to play along…let’s say…just one item….I would totally be in for it! It was alot of fun to see other bloggers’ REAL LIFE!

    Plus you have that cute little graphic button…we can’t let that go to waste!

  4. That was fun too. The saying on my wall is Oh the Places You’ll Go….and the wall colour in my closet is as kind of purple. It was there when we moved in. It is girly but not too girly you know?

    All I’m missing now from the closet is my crown moulding to go on top of the shelves and a chandelier.

  5. Oh you HAVe to do it again- my camera will be here by Tuesday the latest!! Please, please do it again- I vote every week but I’m just a blogging addict like that.

  6. Fun, would love to do it again! I realized after looking your post over again, that I forgot to do the fave shoes among others! Oh well, I enjoyed this a bunch!

    Btw, that was an ingenius pic of you pregnant, with the tummy reflection in the mirror! Great job! I was having a hard time taking a self-portrait and not be too close!

  7. My husband and I just found your page. We love it!

    We like the fact that you are are “real”. Your kids can be bratty! So can ours! we have 3 boys. What a breath of fresh air!

    If you get a chance, check out our blogs. Mine is thecrazybus.blogspot.com. My hunky hubby’s is jeffsgarage.blogspot.com.

    We’ll be back tomorrow!!

  8. I really wanted to participate this week, but my camera died awhile ago. Gettin a new one next week, and I think you should do this weekly maybe with a shorter list. I can’t wait to join in!!!

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