I don’t care

if his favorite meal is steak with a side of meat, and a potato, fried of course.

I still made soufflés for dinner tonight. They were awesome if I say so myself.
His response: “It’s not my favorite.”
(Kevin code for ‘puh-leeeeez don’t make this ever ever again’)
I bet he won’t like the salmon cudités either.
Maybe it’s just food with accents he doesn’t care for…

2 thoughts on “I don’t care

  1. Much agreed with the pp!

    I have to be creative, and as a foodie, must try out new flavors!

    It's usually very good when I do, but that doesn't necessarily mean his palate is the same as mine. It's taken MANY years to grow my husband to appreciate REAL food cooked well, after growing up in a hot dog home.

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