I couldn’t afford to work

Our local paper just had an advert in for the upcoming school year by a daycare/preschool. It had the prices listed for all their ages which I’d never really looked into.

As it turns out, if my three younger were in preschool/daycare and Aviana were in public school, and I were a teacher (because I am a teacher and taught until the summer I had Lil Miss A), it would cost us $2000 a month in child care~!
Based on my BEFORE tax pay my last year teaching, I would be handing over half my salary to The Little Red Schoolhouse! And then I’d still have to buy gas to drive to school, an updated wardrobe, lunches, and I’m sure our grocery bill and eating out bill would rise because I wouldn’t have time to do from scratch cooking.
I couldn’t afford to work.
Plus I would only get to see my kids from four (if I left work right away) to seven and on the weekends, which would really be a bummer, and that’s only if I never went to the gym or did anything with my friends in the evening. I can’t really count the mornings since we’d be so busy getting out the door.
And when would I fit in grocery shopping and cleaning (Not that cleaning takes up a huge chunk of my time–I wouldn’t want to mislead you.) and crafting and reading for fun and learning new things?
I couldn’t handle it. I’m getting stressed just thinking about it.

6 thoughts on “I couldn’t afford to work

  1. But Jessica, what DO you DO all day?

    Wouldn't you be more fulfilled?

    Couldn't you justify more debt? You know, a new car is "needed" to be hip, and to make your kids think they are worth something….

    Don't you KNOW kids need social interaction and that homeschooled children don't get any of that?

    Haven't you bought into the feminist lie?

    Yeah, I am starting to call myself a radical biblical femininist…radically feminine and radically against anything that's against my high calling of Christ servant, wife and mother!

    God Bless!

  2. I'm right there with you. Of course my boy is grown, but I have such a hard time finding the time to farm full time. I just keep teaching away and making plans for my farm to be the sole income as soon as possible.


  3. so true – as a social worker, if I am offered even a part-time job I have to make sure the girls can go with me to work in the summer or I am just spinning my wheels. I'd much rather do all those fun things with them when they are home and not have as much stuff.

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