What I’d blog about if I had more time and a little more inclination:

–weight issues, women and our appetites and passions– reference For Women Only and Appetites

–a marathon trip to Wal-mart involving a dozen goldfish, more canned goods than I can recall, at least 10 party blowers, nine kinds of beverages, eight ounces of cheese (times 6), seven colors of balloons, six forays back into the baking aisle for forgotten items, five meat choices, four pints of strawberries, three packages of freshly baked buns, and well over an hour to get from the soda aisle at the back of the store, to the fish at the front of the store, through the check out and loaded into my car!

–Aviana and her seemingly abysmal tantrum throwing capabilities–at least it wasn’t two consecutive days

–A wonderful GNO (girls night out) during which conversational topics ran the gamut of a bunch of TV shows I don’t watch, funny things kids say when they realize boys and girls are different (Mommy, why does Daddy have a tail?), underwear or lack thereof in the 1800s, how to potty a little boy, engagement stories, and a multitude of others, both trifling and remarkable, which serve to bring friends closer.

–How God has abundantly answered my prayers for, to quote one of my childhood heroines, “bosom kindred friends”

–The big birthday bash we’re having tomorrow-Today, with far too much “help” from four precious, dimpled hands, I made two cakes (in layer cake pans, but apparently my 8 inch pans were too small even though the recipe said they would be fine so I had to transfer some batter to yet another pan midway through baking and still have charred cake on my oven floor), but it doesn’t matter anyway because I’m putting the cake in buckets to look like sand, 30+ cups of blue jello with Swedish fish in them, and four packages of pudding, and prepped the craft.

–The new sign by my doorbell that reads: DO NOT RING THIS DOORBELL. If you do and wake my baby, I will be forced to take more serious measures, including but not limited to, torture and dismemberment. Thank you, The Management

–My recent semi-obsession other people’s lives and in particular with celebrities in every day mode–you know, the photos of them shopping without their make-up on, watching them wait for the restroom key at a service station on youtube, going for a jog, with a little “belly”, being irritable; proof they are just like me only richer.

–Sam and Jessica’s Day o’ Fun, wherein we ate birthday cake (albeit quite lopsided), chatted, watched the movie version of our last book club book (even though she’s the only one who finished the book), and had a jolly good time despite the babies refusing naps

But I don’t have the time nor the inclination, so sorry faithful farm fresh friend,

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