How we interact in my family:

Aunt Barb (who just adopted my sister’s dog) started it when she emailed us all this:

If you’ve had a busy day

I have something which will make your smile stay
If you’re so tired, you’re ready to droop
It’s good to know you didn’t have to give Max a bath today when he rolled in poop!

Then I replied this:

I had a busy day,
in a very hectic way
a baby constantly on my lap
and a toddler who wouldn’t nap
And while we may have had some potty issues
and a baby who tried to eat the tissues
I can gladly say “hi-ho cheerio”
because we didn’t have a single poop scenario!

My mom (who drove from my aunt’s in practically Arkansas to Iowa today and hates car travel; and who brought my grandma back to stay for a month) answered with this:

No poop problems for us today
Just a million hour drive this way
Mom is glad she isn’t there
She doesn’t want to wash Max’s hair.

And my sister responded with this:

Oh you are all so witty
no poop is not very pretty
I’ve seen six diaper’s full today
I am so glad Max is going to stay!!! 🙂

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