Hooray for me!

So I’m just sitting innocently at my computer writing my State Representive asking him to support the licensure of certified midwives, when in walks my husband with the biggest surprise for me.

Now, it’s not leopard print nor was it bought at a gas station. But if you can get past those small shortcomings, it’s still every girl’s dream.

It makes everything CRAZY fun!

It’s snuggawee fun for TWO!

And it came with a book light.

I tell ya. It’s love in a brown fleecy packaging.

7 thoughts on “Hooray for me!

  1. You're so cute…I especially love that 2nd pic of you two…and reading Knit Two! I thoroughly enjoyed that book! I still can't believe her mom died in the first one…

  2. First, I want to thank you for reading our blog! I am not sure how I came to yours, but thought that this is what I want my family to look like in several years…lol!! Right now our little girl is our focus and mainly what our blog is all about! I would like to have a big family, but my husband wants to stop at three…we will see!!

    Love the blanket though! What else is there to do in Iowa in Feb?? I am so ready for summer to get here!

  3. I just got one, for my birthday a few days ago! It's pink, and I've worn it often during the day; love it!
    A few friends on facebook told me to post a picture of it, but I haven't yet. So if you see that in the future, know that it's not because I'm copying you 😛 They asked!

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