Holy Spirit, Be My Guide

Holy Spirit, faithful Teacher,
In my trusting heart abide;
By Thy sacred, holy presence
Be my Comforter and Guide.

You can listen to the hymn by following the link.
This is so fitting , because while I feel that I’m always being led by the Holy Spirit, when I listen, last night I knew I was; without a shred of doubt.

Trying to make a long story short–It was late, Aviana had fallen asleep in the car. I was trying to get her into her night diaper and pottied with minimum of disturbance. It did not go as planned. AT ALL. She tantrumed, screamed and cried. She would not be placated or consoled. I knew she was tired and that it was my fault for keeping her up, so I was trying to be extra understanding and calm. She wouldn’t let up. I ended up leaving her in her bed, crying her little heart out (which wouldn’t be the first time). As I was walking away, feeling frustrated with myself and with her, I heard the Holy Spirit talk to me. It was sort of like hearing a thought. I knew it was Him though. I’ve often heard Him before, but this time I was particularly grateful He stepped in. He asked me to go back and talk to Aviana, to explain in a different way from what I’d already tried. I did. She listened. She calmed herself. She ‘nuggled into my arms and was the adorable peaceful girl I know so well and love so much once again. She went to sleep with a smile on her face.

And if that’s not a miracle–I don’t know what is!

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