Hip Hip Hooray!

I’m a winner! Well, more accurately, my friend Ruth is a winner. She entered us into a contest with a photographer called “why my friend needs her picture taken”, and she won!

We get to get our pictures taken with a real live actual professional photog! I. am. so. excited! I may wait to do it until next fall. I love the fall the best, and we could use it in our Christmas cards for next year. I’m so excited (here’s where you can’t see me doing the happy dance, replete with the “shopper”, the “stir the pot”, the “shake your money maker”, and the “Elaine”.)

Here is Ruth’s 100 word entry:
My friend Jessica deserves to have her family pictures taken (with the best photographer in town!) because she is a farmer’s wife & needs a good excuse to run into town! She needs a break from gathering eggs, selling eggs, tugging on buckets of corn, feeding the cows — all while juggling a toddler & baby.

This is a woman of many talents; sporting hobbies of building towers, coloring, play-doh & scrapbooking (which goes along well with a photo session!) Her husband Kevin, as well, deserves to be included as his talents shine with his clever inventions. These include a home-made seesaw on wheels, a system that delivers a bucket of corn to his door by the pressing of a button!

We wouldn’t want to leave the two little stars of the family out, because they are quite talented as well! Avianna can throw a snowball as well as any boy! And baby Brielle is the fastest roller I’ve seen in the state!

Please consider the H________ family for your contest!

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