Hey y’all

I am sitting on my sister-in-law’s leather couch, using her wireless internet, watching cruddy satellite TV (sixteen year old girls acting like divas planning their birthday parties, “celebrities” who I don’t know acting like spoiled babies because they signed up to lose weight, but now don’t want to work out, women who got chosen by what not to wear, arguing with the designers who have good taste, a dad arguing with the Nanny 911, and disrespecting his wife when she asks the kids not to go down the stairs on a board –although it did look like fun…–), in St. Louis, not a small child in sight.


We’re here to help her move, but actually, I’m just along for the ride. Tonight we’re staying in a B&B.

Double Ahhhhh….

I’m going to be hard pressed when we get home late tomorrow night to get my It’s Real Life post all ready to go! I’ll get ‘er done though.

Hope you’re enjoying your evening as much as I am!

8 thoughts on “Hey y’all

  1. Ha ha! We don’t have satellite TV. If we did all I would watch is A Baby Story and other shows on TLC!!! We own a lot of movies because we don’t have satellite/cable.

    Have fun at the B&B!!! I’ve always wanted to go to one of those.

  2. Girl, enjoy your rest!! I just love B&B’s … I’d love to run one some day. Of course, that might interfere with my dream of living out in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of chickens, cows, goats, and guineas. And some horses. And hopefully, many more kids … hey, farm labor ain’t cheap. If I give birth to them, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to pay them for quite a while! What was I talking about? I’ve already got that whole hormone-induced total scatterbrain thing going on!

    I love What Not to Wear. I keep threatening to sign my husband up. He has issues with bad plaid and cuffed, pleated khakis. (Who still wears pleats?? Oh, my husband. That’s who.) Can’t watch Nanny 911 or Super Nanny without getting depressed. Actually, most TV depresses me these days. I stick to uplifting things, like Law & Order reruns. 🙂

    Hope you have a great, relaxing time. And I’m totally doing It’s Real Life this week!


  3. ps- I love that you said ‘y’all.’ I had some friends in last weekend, originally from France, and they kept good-natured-ly teasing us about how often we all said ‘y’all,’ even my little ones. 🙂


  4. Enjoy the downtime….all of us moms deserve it. Even cruddy satellite stuff can light my fire if I am able to watch UNINTERRUPTED!!

    Am keen to to the REAL LIFE post…

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