3 thoughts on “Here’s some irony for ya

  1. I have a post with some pretty nice b/f links in draft… maybe one of these days I’ll get around to finishing it. Good links! Loved the satire. I even read ALL the comments in the 2nd link, here it is an hour and a half later. :o) That’s what I get for checking your blog “real quick before bed.”

    With Trevor I was pretty nervous while b/f in public and used changing rooms alot. But we really didn’t get out all that much. So mainly it was just b/c I wasn’t comfortable with it, not having much practice of being at least a little discreet. With the baby on the way I plan on Nursing in public whenever and where ever. :o)

  2. mama g says:

    Great links! The first was telling – I am continually embarassed by the Victoria’s Secret ads on TV and the ads they had for the 9 p.m. runway show they had on…Talk about soft porn!!! Sheesh! Anyway, I loved the second one – her “headline’s” just cracked me up!!!

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